"Atheism's Wrong Turn," The New Republic, December 10, 2007
The illiberalism of the "New Atheists"

"On Theoconservatism," The New Republic Online, October 7-10, 2006.
A debate with Ross Douthat about The Theocons

"Without A Doubt," The New Republic, April 3, 2006
These are happy days for religion in politics. In the age of George W. Bush, religion is moving back into the public square, exactly the way "Father Richard," as Bush fondly calls him, hoped it would. Richard John Neuhaus insists that secular democracy is a contradiction in terms and that America is essentially a Christian (and even Catholic) country. Imagine Cardinal Newman joining up with Karl Rove. In his new book, CATHOLIC MATTERS, Neuhaus offers a full account of his theo-conservatism, his vision of the Christianizing of America. A critical examination of a religious radical.

"The Big Test," The New Republic, January 1-15, 2007
Possible political implications of Mormon theological commitments.

"The Philosopher and Everyone Else," The New Republic, July 31, 2006
A critical treatment of the controversial ideas and legacy of Leo Strauss